Eazy Framework | Web application Scanner | Kali Linux 2018.2


Eazy Framework best framework for information gathering pentesting and web application scanner. You can use this Framework on your website to check the security of your website by searching for vulnerabilities on your website or you can use this tool to search the admin panel or search for the upload panel contained on your website. SQL injection by dork, collect any information and more.

  • Port scanner
  • Traceroute using MTR
  • Nping / test ping
  • Subdomain scanner
  • WordPress user enumerate
  • WhatCMS

“This tutorial is strictly for Education purpose, We are not responsible for any kind of damage.”

Download Eazy Framework from Github :

git clone https://github.com/CiKu370/Eazy.git

Run Eazy Framework

cd Eazy 
python2 Eazy.py

Select the option and provide the required parameter like URL that you want to scan, and gather lots of information. for better understanding go with the visual learning.

Learn with Visual On YouTube


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