How to Install AcetoneISO (Daemon tools alternaltive) and Brasero (Nero alternative) in KAli Linux 2017.3


In Kali Linux there no by-default application for performing ISO operations. Here I am defining two tools which we use to perform operation like burning images and mount ISO.

  • AcetoneISO is a free software program to mount and manage image files. Its goals are to be simple, intuitive and stable. Written in Qt 4, this software is meant for all those people looking for a “Daemon Tools for Linux”.
  • To install AcetoneISO in Kali Linux, open terminal and type following command
apt-get install acetoneiso


  • Brasero is a free disc-burning program for Unix-like systems, which serves as a graphical front-end (using GTK+) to cdrtools, cdrskin, growisofs, and (optionally) libburn. It’s “Nero Burning Tool for Linux”.
  • To install Brasero in Kali Linux, open terminal and type following command.
apt-get install brasero

There are so many other powerful applications that perform different task on Linux environment.

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