How to install and Fix to Run on Root Google Chrome in Kali Linux 2017.3


Google chrome is one of the most popular browser. But unfortunately it’s not inbuilt in Kali Linux that we have to install it manually.

There is also problem that Google-chrome doesn’t run on root account, So in this tutorial We learn that how to install google-chrome as well as how to run it on root user.

1.Go to directory where you download google-chrome, open terminal and type following command.

sudo dpkg -i googlechrome.deb

2.Now install dependencies for google-chrome libappindicator1, you have to install it by using following command

apt-get install libappindicator1

if the second step gives error then type

apt-get -f install 

3.Now we have to run it on root user, for that follow the step as given below.

  • Go to the directory /opt/google-chrome open bash file google-chrome into your favorite text-editor scroll it up-to end of file

  • Edit the file that –user-data-dir and save it as given below.

4.To run google-chrome on root user, open terminal and type google-chrome –no-sandbox


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