Start Hacking using Android | Termux Without Root


As we know that Linux platform is best for hacking or penetration testing, as well as it’s favorite of hacker’s and security researcher’s.

But lot’s of people doesn’t carry their devices like laptop or desktop everywhere. and the newbie who want to learn all the kind of security or penetration testing stuff, but they don’t have a Desktop or Laptop. For all of these problem solution is Termux. We can carry our smartphone everywhere. It’s like a weapon in our pocket. (for hacker or security researcher)

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically – additional packages are available using the APT package manager.

We can easily Download/Install it from Google Play Store or F-Droid.

After downloading you need to simply open it like a general application, and it will take a few time to load. You use the following commands that are predefined in Termux. as well as we are going to learn how to install some important packages required to run tools.

pkg search <query> (you can search package name and check out that it's available or not)
pkg install <package-name> (you can install packages by using it)
pkg upgrade (upgrade the latest version of packages that pre installed on your device)

Install following packages first one is git which is use for clone or download repositories and the other important is python (as we know that lots of tools or scripts written in python so to run that, you must need to install python).

apt install git 
apt install python2 or apt install python

Check out the below Playlist Hacking with Termux


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