Trape | People tracker on the Internet | Kali Linux


Trape is a recognition tool that allows you to track people, the information you can get is very detailed. We want to teach the world through this, as large Internet companies could monitor you, obtaining information beyond your IP.

Download Trape from Github

git clone

Open terminal and run trape.

cd trape pip
install -r requirements.txt
python -h
Example: python --url --port 80
  • In the option –url you must put the lure, can be a news page, an article something that serves as a presentation page.
  • In the –port option you just put the port where you want it to run
  • Do you like to monitor your people? Everything is possible with Trape.
  • Do you want to perform phishing attacks? Everything is possible with Trape.
  • In the Files directory, located on the path: /static/files here you add the files with .exe extension or download files sent to the victim.

Send the malicious link to the victim, once victim open that link, you can sniff victim’s traffic. For better Understanding watch out the step by step video tutorial given below.

Watch Step By Step Video On Youtube

“This tutorial is strictly for Education purpose, We are not responsible for any kind of damage.”


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