What is PGP? | Mail Encryption using PGP


It is important to read to get some feeling of how mail encryption actually works and what its caveats and limitations are. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is the protocol we shall use for e-mail encryption. This protocol allows us to digitally sign and encrypt mail messages. It works on an end-to-end basis: messages will be encrypted on your own computer and will only be decrypted by the recipient of the message. There is no possibility for a ‘man-in-the-middle’ to decipher the contents of your encrypted message. This excludes the subject lines and the ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses, which unfortunately are not encrypted in this protocol.

In this article we are going to learn, that how PGP work with a simple diagram. and which application software or plugins we can use for the practical or demo purposes.

So we will take a look on Decryption as well as Encryption Process, while using PGP.

Encryption process is happen when a user ‘A’ want to send some confidential information to user ‘B’. But user B already having public key shared by user ‘A’. and the following scenario will be happen.

Or We can say like there is A key-pair consists of the two different keys: a public key and a secret key.

The public key: you can give this key to other people, so they can send you encrypted mails. This file does not have to be kept secret.

The secret key: this basically is your secret file to decrypt emails people send to you. It should never be given to someone else.

Now here we are going to learn some applications software or plugins to use PGP.

    • Installing PGP (GPG) on Windows : The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is software which is required to send PGP encrypted or signed emails. It is necessary to install this software before being able to do any encryption.Head to the website of the Gpg4win project. Go to http://gpg4win.org/
    • Installing PGP on Ubuntu(Linux Platform) : We will use the Ubuntu Software Center for installing PGP (Enigmail and accessories). First open the Ubuntu Software Center through the Unity menu by typing ‘software’ into the Unity search area and install PGP and Enigmail.
  • Installing PGP on Android Platform : Install the Android Privacy Guard (APG) and K-9 Mail applications to your Android device from the Google Play Store or another trusted source.

Here I tried some to give some information about PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and how we can do communication in secure way.



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